Always Be Interactive With Your Healthcare

Blog Post created by RoseH on Oct 27, 2020

I started seeing a female psychologist, in July 2020, because of my brother, Eddy’s, passing.  She had a Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth, who helped with prescribing a sleeping pill, because I had terrible Insomnia, grieving for Eddy.  I was to take one-half pill at bedtime.  I was sleeping though the night...  And then, I wasn’t.  I could take a whole pill, if necessary. And I did.


I was not interactive with Elizabeth, about what medications I took, and how drug sensitive I am...  The last five days were awful!  This particular antidepressant, Trazodone, has numerous withdrawal side effects.  I  talked with my primary care doctor, and stopped the drug so I’m on the mend, but I must always be interactive regarding prescribed medications, and their side effects!


I am suggesting that all of us, being Nicotine addicts, have to be careful and give a “Universal Medication Form” to each medical professional, to ensure our continued health and safety.


I created my Universal Medication Form on my computer so that I can update it, whenever necessary.  Click on the link below to see one form of Universal Medication Form: