Romancing the Smoke

Blog Post created by RoseH on Oct 11, 2020

We all do it, before we quit...  In the early days the terrible addiction to the drug Nicotine makes us “Romance the Smoke”.  Let me be clear on this...  When quitting, we all have to use the power of choice to stay quit!


Romancing the smoke are lies we tell ourselves!  And the lies are the essence of the Nicotine addiction!  I spent decades “Romancing the Smoke” and guess what my reward was?  COPD  (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).


Please don’t do that to yourself!  Be smarter than I was!  Do you want to have to inhale drugs twice a day to keep your lungs clear from mucous and congestion?...  Because your lungs are so damaged they can no longer clear themselves?...  Sometimes when I get very excited or very emotional I cannot breathe at all...  and I gasp for breath and it is totally horrifying!


Click on the link below to learn the awful truth of "Romancing the Smoke"...