Quitting Makes Life Better!

Blog Post created by RoseH on Oct 7, 2020

Yesterday I had my fourth semi-annual checkup with my doctor, and I am very happy with my blood test results and general health status!


My life changed a little over two years ago, on August 12, 2018, when I finally quit smoking [I literally begged my “Higher Power” to help me stop!], and started exercising, eating healthier, and taking vitamin supplements to help my lungs and body heal…


Smoking does a lot of damage to our bodies…  Here are twenty-six (26) health effects of smoking (click on the link below):


Our bodies are miraculous, because they know exactly what to do when we quit slowly killing ourselves, with cigarettes!  My blood test was excellent.  His stethoscope indicated my chest sounded like a non-smoker’s, and my doctor was genuinely impressed!  Quit now…  and your results will be even better!


Quitting smoking was the very best thing I could do, to improve my health, both physically and mentally!  The freedom I feel, after being totally addicted to cigarettes since I was fifteen (15) years old, is priceless!  As time goes by and your quits mature, you will understand how I feel.


Please, do not buy, beg or borrow another cigarette, and you will win!  As each day goes by, it truly gets better!  In time, cravings will become less and less…  and you will feel complete, without the terrible addiction to the drug Nicotine!


Have a great smoke free Wednesday, and let’s all keep our beautiful quits!  Rosemary