Smoke-Free and Feel Complete

Blog Post created by RoseH on Sep 25, 2020

Ed and I returned home late last night.  We were in Clearwater, FL to be with his sister and family to help and support them.


Smoking was definitely not an option for me…  Ed still smokes but he goes outside…


One thing I confirmed, is that I do not need a cigarette to cope anymore!  It was not an option anymore, and I am so grateful to my Higher Power and all of you!  After over two years of Quitnet, Nope365 and, the support I get here, keeps me strong, even if I am unable to get online…


If I had to say just one thing, about quitting smoking, it would be…  Making the decision to quit smoking was paramount to my recovery, from killing myself slowly, and I will never regret that decision!  I smoked for over 50 years and, I am smoke-free and feel complete!


And if you need to “talk”, have a quit buddy, or just want a one-on-one “conversation” to stay quit, I am here to help you!


Have a great smoke-free Friday, and let’s all keep our beautiful and precious quits!