Smoking and Vaping Info for New Members

Blog Post created by RoseH on Sep 19, 2020

I compiled this information regarding the health risks from smoking and vaping -- which are addictions to the drug, Nicotine.  Making a decision to quit using Nicotine is the best thing we can do, to regain health.  I also suggest reading the book, by Allen Carr, entitled “The Easy Way To Quit Smoking.”


 Click on the link below to see 599 ingredients and additives that can be found in cigarettes:



Click on the link below to see what ingredients are in JUUL pods and other vaping products:


Just one more thing…  My addictions to smoking and short-lived vaping left me with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Click on the link below to see how life changes with this incurable disease: