Is It Ok To Smoke Just One After Quitting?

Blog Post created by RoseH on Sep 18, 2020

There is no such thing as smoking one cigarette...  Smoking is an addiction to the drug Nicotine...  I used the “just one” several times in the past and I got an “F”...


Breaking that promise meant I lost my lung health.  And now I have chronic COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  I must inhale two medications each day to breathe better, because my lungs can no longer clear themselves...


Please quit now...  Because “tomorrow” never comes.  Just like all other addictions, I had to “hit bottom” before I quit. It took me over twenty years to say “Enough”!  Because when I couldn’t breathe...  Nothing else mattered!


If you are new here, please don’t set a date weeks from now.  Please make a firm decision, and never question that decision!  Please trust me when I say that is it absolutely the best thing to start now...  The most wonderful thing about quitting is that our bodies know exactly what to do, to heal us!  I no longer need my “Emergency” Inhaler!


I feel complete without a cigarette after fifty-plus (50+) years of smoking...  And I have not ever felt that quitting was a mistake!  The support we get here is paramount to our success!  Rosemary


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Is It OK to Smoke Just One Cigarette After Quitting?