Heck Week

Blog Post created by RoseH on Aug 30, 2020

l learned how to quit smoking on the former website called “”.  New quitters always ask how long it will take to feel like a non-smoker.  It seems like forever, but in reality it is usually only three weeks.


We call that second week of quitting “Heck Week”.  It is still going to be challenging to keep your quit, but as each day goes by, I felt it was “more natural” that I didn’t smoke for every little thing that I used as a “reward” to light up.  The more I said, “No”, when a craving came to smoke, I got stronger!  Don’t let “stinkin thinkin” in!  Be positive.  And know that your decision to quit was the right decision!  Never question that decision!


I quit “Cold Turkey”, but there is another way according to the book by Allen Carr, “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking”.  He allows us to smoke when we start to read the book.  So that, in itself, made me want to read it even more!  This is an excerpt from the book.  It is called “the moment of revelation”, and it takes place about three weeks after a smoker stops.  The sky appears to become brighter and as the last of the poison is swept away, the last of the brainwashing disappears along with it.  Instead of telling yourself you do not need to smoke, you suddenly realize that the last thread is broken, and you can enjoy the rest of your life without ever needing to smoke again…


Now, deep down inside, I never felt “happy” when smoking.  I never felt like it was "a good thing to do”.  That magic moment when my mind believed that this “addiction” to the drug nicotine was the only reason I was smoking at that moment, true freedom was what I had a glimpse of!


Smoking is self-imposed slavery, as Mr. Carr puts it.  Freedom from smoking is how we were born.  Be born again and quit this killer!  I promise you will feel better and have your life back!