Week One of Quitting Smoking

Blog Post created by RoseH on Aug 29, 2020

l learned how to quit smoking on the former website called “”.  In my humble opinion, I think it might be easier for some of the new quitters here, if they know what to expect during those first few weeks…


We called the first week of quitting “Hell Week”.  That should tell you pretty much of what goes on during those first seven days.


Most of us smoked for years.  And it is not realistic to think that the first week will be anything but challenging.  We smoked when we were happy, sad, hungry, excited, scared and even bored.  We never let a craving in, because we quickly doused it with another cigarette.   Nicotine is cruel and very addictive!  And its effects don’t last very long, so that means we have to take a “hit” more often, as our addiction to Nicotine grows stronger…


No one dies from a craving, nor does a craving usually last more than ten minutes.  Knowing that, we need to do anything else when cravings hit, but to light up…  If we know this, it won’t be so scary or disturbing… 


So, what should we do when a craving comes?  Drink a large glass of cold water.  Go outside and take a walk.  Come to and read posts to learn.  Look for relaxation exercise on the internet.  Have some “Red Vines” to chew on.  Make a list of some options that you want to do…  Lighting up will force you to start all over again!  It will not be easier, like some other things in life may be.


Quitting smoking is a process.  It is a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result.  It will take time and patience to become smoke free.  And that freedom will feel priceless!  I promise!   Rosemary