Two Years Smoke Free

Blog Post created by RoseH on Aug 11, 2020

I am smoke free for two years tomorrow!  I will be without a computer so here is my Two Year Quit Blog…


So how did I get here, at, from smoking since I was 14 years old?


Way back then in the 1960’s smoking was the “in” thing to do…  There was a lot of peer pressure, and I was shy and lonesome!  However, that first puff tasted awful, and I literally fell off the stool in the “soda fountain” at the Dime Store!  That first cigarette tasted awful, but everyone was laughing and egging me on, and I felt like I belonged!


It took a little time to get “addicted” to the drug, Nicotine.  And it took me almost 50 years to quit!  Please do not be foolish like I was!


Cravings are mostly a memory now, and I can quickly move on to something else, but my advice to you is quit way sooner than I did!  Because smoking gave me C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  I am required to take two inhalers, each and every day, to help my lungs stay clear so I can breathe easier…  My lungs will heal as much as they can, but if you quit much sooner than I did, your lungs can heal better from the ravages of smoking.


I had a cigarette lit near me, or in my face, most of the time, and now I feel totally complete without one!  Deep down inside, don’t you truly want that too?


Knowing that the “addiction” to Nicotine is something you C A N overcome…  if you just do N O T light up…  Please think about it!


The freedom that I regained, being smoke free…  well, it is priceless!  And you can have it too!  I wish you a very happy and smoke free “today” and let’s all keep our beautiful and precious quits, ok?  Rosemary