Being Accountable To Someone Else

Blog Post created by RoseH on Jul 22, 2020

In my humble opinion, not everyone can quit smoking “alone”.  In a Utopia setting the outcome would be one hundred percent (100%).  And that is just not the real statistics...


I know from personal experience that, by being a quit buddy, those members in a former “quit smoking” site, who “buddied up” with me…  well he or she told me more than once, that they truly looked forward to hearing from me each day…


Accountability is the key!  To be accountable means to be responsible or answerable to someone for something.  It involves taking responsibility for your own actions and being able to explain them.


Like having a training partner increases your likelihood of adhering to your fitness goals, finding someone with a similar health goal, like quitting smoking, can help you stick with it.


Partner up with someone else who wants to quit...  and support one another.  Talk to everyone in your social circle and make your intention to quit smoking clear.


If you think this philosophy will help you, ask someone!   Ask me!  What have you got to lose?