Let Go[d]

Blog Post created by RoseH on Jul 16, 2020

I received very sad news yesterday.  My brother, Eddy, passed away.  The story of his life is tragic…  He was drafted into the Viet Nam War, and came home from the US Army, via MediVac, with a heroin drug addiction…  He got his life back together, but it was never the same.  He ended up sick and alone, in an assisted-living facility, in a small Mexican town he called “home”.


If I was still a smoker, I would probably be done with a pack of cigarettes by now.  That is what I did, in the past.  But I have a choice, regarding my addiction to Nicotine.  And I choose to understand, that hurting myself, physically, is not what I want to do any longer!


I learned to “let go and let God”.  Most of my female friends, had a brother like mine.  And I am strong enough now, to “carry on” rather than harm myself, by chain smoking…


I am very blessed.  I abused alcohol in the past and smoked my way out of sadness many times, but I now know that drinking and smoking never helps or changes anything!  Eddy and I made our amends to each other about six months ago.  So, we both did the right thing.  My family was poor and dysfunctional, and it was very hard growing up, to learn how to cope with life, but I tried my best.  I thank my Creator for giving me the sense and strength to learn, through past mistakes…


All of us together here is a great blessing too!  My most important undertaking in life is to help others now!  That is what I learned, over my 70-plus years, and my life is normally full of peace and love...  Because those two things are paramount to my well-being!


If I am not here, as much as usual, for a little while, please forgive me.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and I thank you all very much for listening, and understanding my sorrow.


I wish all of you a very happy and smoke-free Thursday, and let’s all keep our beautiful and precious quits, ok?  Rosemary