Ask For Help To Keep You Strong

Blog Post created by RoseH on Jun 20, 2020

Good Morning, Everyone


This Covid-19 Pandemic has really taken a toll on me!  I have felt “down” [I suffer from chronic depression since childhood.]  It takes me back to those awful childhood days, when I suffered in silence, more often than I care to admit.  Depression “back then” was considered a “mental illness”.  Today it is usually called a “mood disorder” and there is quite a difference between the two!  That is what my primary care doctor told me recently.


A lot of us think we are weak and it is an awful shame that we suffer needlessly, because we feel inadequate...  And that is the farthest from the truth that any of us can be!  We must believe in ourselves and be kind to ourselves, because we earned that, when we quit smoking!  Never feel like you are not a masterpiece!  We are all winners!  And, we help each other, which is the very best quality any human being can have, in our Creator’s eyes!  Our main mission on earth is to help others, in my humble opinion.  If I help you, then I help myself too!


I am seeing a psychologist this coming Monday.  I am married to a wonderful, loving man, for over 30 years, who happens to be a very highly functioning alcoholic.  I know I need help and I am going to ask for it!  I also saw her nurse a few days ago and she prescribed a little more antidepressant for me, since I am not sleeping well.  It is NOT an addictive drug, so I am very comfortable with that kind of help too.


We are so blessed to be here on this wonderful website for help and support!  It is so wonderful to NOT be alone!  Let’s just keep on “keeping on” and if you do need anything, don’t be afraid to ask for it, ok?


I wish all of you a very happy and smoke free Saturday, and let’s all keep our beautiful quits!  Rosemary