Why Quitting Is Hard To Do

Blog Post created by RoseH on Jun 10, 2020



In my humble opinion, the most important thing we need to believe about smoking is the addiction part!  That addiction does all sorts of not-so-good things, to all of us!  We will promise ourselves almost anything to delay quitting…  day after day…  week after week…  after the holidays are over…  over and over…


I was not a drug addict just because I smoked!  Period!


I never looked at smoking, as an addiction, before I picked up Allen Carr’s book, “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking”.  He tells you in his book to keep smoking and read on!


The second most important thing we need to learn about smoking is that our minds will tell us all kinds of things to avoid being cut off from Nicotine!


“I’ll quit when this last pack is gone.”

“I have a job interview tomorrow, so I’ll quit after it’s over.”

“I am so tired.  I need a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow will be a better day to quit.”

“Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming.  I’ll quit after the holidays are over.”

There will always be another “good” reason!


Psychological Definition of Addiction:  a place of being physically or psychologically dependent upon substances such as drugs and alcohol. Commonly referred to as substance abuse.  Diagnostic criteria consists of tolerance, withdrawal, losing control, and uncontrollable use of drugs or alcohol.


What I finally learned from addiction is…  I can either…  make an excuse…  or make progress!  When my mind finally believed I was a drug addict…  and I believed my excuses proved it…  I quit and never looked back!


I do not have cravings anymore!  There is light at the end of the tunnel!


So, make a detailed plan to do anything else, but lighting up…  and have that last smoke with Allen Carr…  and start living smoke free!  I promise you will never regret it!


I wish you all a very happy and smoke free Wednesday, and let’s all keep our beautiful quits, ok?