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Blog Post created by RoseH on May 3, 2020

It took me over twenty years to quit.  But, better late than never, in my humble opinion!  My advice, from personal experience is quit now!  Don’t wait another day!


Allen Carr’s book, “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” literally changed my life.  I cannot stress that enough!  His words made me think!  And I could not stop thinking, until I felt like a winner again!


My first attempt at quitting smoking was in my early fifties.  I needed major surgery and my doctor asked me (not suggested) to quit smoking before the procedure.  Now that scared me.  Even though I had no shortness of breath, or any other negative symptoms.  My surgery was a month away and I quit smoking.  Cold Turkey.  The fear inside me kept me quit until I checked into the hospital.


When I woke up the next morning there was no time to even think about smoking.  It was still dark outside.  After they rolled me into the operating room it took just moments until I was out like a light…


The next thing I remember was waking up in the Recovery Room and I was groggy.  I went in and out of sleep. When I was taken back to my room, I fell in and out of sleep again for several hours.


I pushed the nurse call button and was helped to the restroom, and I noticed I was very out-of-breath.  The nurse said, “Take a deep breath and try to relax.”  To my horror I tried and tried, but I could not take a deep breath!


I was panicking, and before I knew it, the nurse left my room and scurried back with a long tube.  She plugged it into the wall where it said “Oxygen” and she placed the cannula into my nose, and tried to calm me down…


I spent an extra week in the hospital, due to a pulmonologist’s diagnosis of “Moderate COPD”.  To make a long story short, my surgery procedure had me literally “head down-feet up”, for hours, on the operating table, and caused my unknown Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease to “rear its ugly head”.  Injections of steroids, and antibiotics were pumped into my arms, and I was given breathing treatments throughout the days that followed.


I was finally ready to be discharged and that’s when the reality set in regarding smoking for so many decades…  I would be on two inhalers for the rest of my life, since COPD is incurable…


I always worried about lung cancer during my smoking.  However, I had no clue regarding COPD and how it would change my life…


Quit smoking!  Tomorrow may be too late!  If you do not realize it now, do some reading on how smoking can affect you, in so many ways!  Now I am lucky and blessed, because I am almost two years quit in mid-August 2020.  And I am so thankfu, to report, that my COPD has greatly improved, since I quit!  Addiction to Nicotine is a killer!  The sooner you quit, the better!


This website will give you the support, encouragement, and information to succeed in quitting smoking.  And that is the very best thing, you can do for yourself, to improve your health!  I wish all of you a very happy and smoke free day and let’s all keep our beautiful quits.