Blog Post created by RoseH on Apr 26, 2020
This image is what I envision if I ever think about wanting a cigarette…  We will think about it because that is human…
I was literally enslaved by the terrible addiction to Nicotine, since I was 15 years old…  Back then no one talked about any dangers in smoking.  However, I can truly vouch for the terrible loss of health I received from smoking, since I now have COPD!  It is incurable.  However, I have regained much health from quitting smoking, getting close to two years smoke free…  My “Emergency Inhaler” is history.  Not gasping for breath is a miracle...
NEVER think that just one is possible!  One is never enough!  One Thousand is never enough!
I wish you a very happy and smoke free Sunday, my dear friend!  We are free and NOPE is our salvation!  Rosemary