Blog Post created by RoseH on Apr 24, 2020

Good Morning, Everyone


For my NOPE365 friends, I cannot contact all of you because I am BLOCKED from the website!  I didn’t mean to post something to anger anyone and I feel bad!  Won’t go into the details because it upsets me...  I learned just about a year ago that I may be considered a “Highly Sensitive Person” and I spoke with several Quitnet members about it before the old Q closed its doors.  I am also chronically depressed since early childhood (a family genetic thing), and I was not diagnosed until I was about 42 years old, so I think all of you can imagine that my life was not a happy one...


When I quit smoking, my new self began to thrive!  I am certain I received Divine help in quitting.  I also know that reading the book by Allen Carr entitled, “How to Stop Smoking the Easy Way," was extremely helpful for me to have the courage and right attitude to quit!


I am so happy and grateful that I come here for support!  My husband is a wonderful man, and a retired Navy Commander (in Intelligence), but we married later in life and he is a once-confirmed bachelor...  LOL  Having outside support is nice to have!


I didn’t think I could survive without cigarettes...  How sad is that?  I am literally thriving!  What a wonderful new way to live!  And I can thank Quitnet, Nope365 and this wonderful website for that!  Addiction is not something we can “get over”...  However, with the right attitude, inner strength and total commitment we can literally re-invent ourselves into the person we truly want to be!


I wish all of you a very happy and smoke free Friday, and let’s all keep our beautiful quits, OK?  Rosemary