Blog Post created by RoseH on Apr 22, 2020

Good Morning, Everyone...


I have an 8 am almost-emergency dental appointment this morning, but wanted to do my first post here before I go!  I used to think this staying at home status would be a breeze.  Not so much any more!  We have lost so many of our freedoms we are not even aware of, until his COVID-19 thing came into our daily lives...


Now that I am smoke free for well over 600 days I realize how much stronger I became because of my quit!  I literally am reborn in so many ways!


Until we quit, we really do not understand how very limited our lives are in that having a cigarette becomes so important.  I truly did not understand this terrible addiction to Nicotine until my quit progressed, and therefore become ultimately important to me!


I now look at my smoking like, literally, enslavement to the Demon!  I am so happy and blessed to be free of it!  I do think about smoking once in a while, but I can almost immediately get on with my life, and NOT get tempted to lose my quit.  I will stay smoke free... one day at a time, and I am so happy to be here with all of you!


I wish you a very happy and smoke free Wednesday, and let’s all keep our beautiful and precious quits!  Rosemary