Request for Help: Sleeping Tips

Blog Post created by RomeoWhiskey on Mar 20, 2019

Hello everybody, this is your friendly neighborhood RomeoWhiskey here asking for a little help. It is now day 3 and I feel great. My cravings are subsiding, my heart and lungs feel strong, and I have been replacing all my urges with 3-5 miles of running or lots of weightlifting to sweat out all the nicotine. There is just one thing I can't get...sleep.


I don't know if it is withdraw or system shock or what but I have been tossing and turning all night for 5-6 hours. Usually exercise is my cure. I make myself so tired that I can't not fall asleep...but it is not working.


Maybe some Melatonin? Maybe I should see a doctor? Perhaps I just need to tough it out until my body adjusts to my new routine?


Any help or suggestions would be welcome to help figure out the best strategy for me.