Vaping is worse than them all

Blog Post created by RomeoWhiskey on Mar 12, 2019

So its now my second day without nicotine and I actually feel really good. I feel my heart pumping easier, my lungs are expanding faster, and it feels like more oxygen is getting to my body with every breath.


The withdraw symptoms are there, but they are just annoying at the moment and seem manageable. After using every kind of tobacco product out there, I just want to say that vaping might just be the most dangerous in a way. It is supposedly "less harmful" than cigarettes, but the problem is that you can smoke inside and no one will know! It is the perfect addiction to hide, and you can get your fix as often as you want.


I am a closet nicotine addict, none of my family, and not even my fiancé know that I use nicotine products, but since I switched to vaping it has gotten worse.


  • With cigarettes I would smoke maybe one a day at the end of the night to avoid the smell.
  • With dip I would use it maybe twice a day but you have to do it by yourself because you can't hide a lip full of tobacco.
  • With vaping it is a few quick hits in the bathroom, or when you office clears out, or whenever you have a free moment. It is constant and consuming and it just makes your nicotine addiction even worse.


Maybe vaping would be a better alternative to smoking if I had more self control, but I simply can't resist the urge if I have that stuff in my pocket.