I Quit

Blog Post created by Rollingon on Jun 21, 2018

I know in my profile I said my date would be July 4th, but I really did not want to get anymore cigarettes. So Today is going to be my day. I choose today not to smoke. I have already cleaned my refrigerator, done dishes, sorted clothes, feed dog and cats, taken a shower and working on pantry. Now on here. Every time I think I want  a cigarette I Say I choose not to as it gets stronger I say maybe after this is done. I know this is a psychological game and I will win this.

I choose to right on here now as I just had a really strong sense of being irritated. I know it is a trigger so I thought if I typed it, read it and re read it, this to shall pass and I see my home getting very clean today. Maybe I will start to paint my walls. Thank you all for being here.