Is it ok to say “yay it’s over?”

Blog Post created by Roj on Dec 2, 2019

I love the holidays, and was blessed enough to spend it with our family in Florida...that’s 12 adults and 5 dogs under one roof for 5 days...lots of fun had by all BUT some smart comments thrown back and forth, a few reminders of losing my mother so close to this day, and one knee hurt son...makes for a few “cigarettes take me away” moments...proud to say I didn’t cave in and today is day 61...yahooooo even came home and after taking my adult son to the ER he had to have emergency surgery due to an unknown infection in his knee...I have had enough fun now thank you and I’m ready for a little boredom...oh wait, I don’t have our new house unpacked, done any Christmas shopping or decorating, and my sweet daughter, husband, and 2 dogs come in 2 weeks. My husband leaves for a business trip for 3 days and I will care for my son alone...sometimes you just have to laugh am I right???