Remembering my Dr.s comment

Blog Post created by Roj on Oct 30, 2019

I had a great Dr. back in Chicago that really didn’t give me a hard time about smoking, he would do his job and mention it and suggest I quit but I guess he figured I was too old and stubborn to quit. One day he told me a story of a patient he had that was a smoker and wanted a lung transplant because he was riddled with lung cancer...he asked my opinion if I thought it was fair to give those healthy lungs to someone who may or may not continue to smoke...told him I didn’t know, it was a tough decision he had ahead but everyone should be aloud life regardless of their bad forward a few visits and he asked “so do you think you will quit after your 1st heart attack?” I laughingly said probably...wonder if I should call him and tell him my COPD diagnosis got me there...please if you smoke, stop...don’t wait for the damage first...blessings