Pity party yesterday

Blog Post created by Roj on Oct 27, 2019

Went out with my husband and son and enjoyed an Octoberfest yesterday...warm and humid but only walked around for about an hour and had lunch, then stopped at Walmart for some shopping...towards the end I started getting short of breath so asked for the car keys and went and sat in the car with a/c running...when I got home I broke down in tears thinking “omg is this my life now?” 3 hours of walking around and that’s it?” I love doing things, not a big stay at home kinda I had my little pity party but didn’t smoke!!!! Will never smoke because it has limited my life and that pisses me off...sorry for the language...stupid COPD, and pneumonia that’s hanging on for round 2 of antibiotics....grrrrrrrrr....if you are still on the fence about quitting, quick jump off and throw those things in the trash. Blessings