2 weeks, pneumonia, and a new house

Blog Post created by Roj on Oct 16, 2019

Wow...that’s a lot in a couple of days huh? We closed on our forever home...smaller and more manageable and we love it, it’s over in Asheville with less humidity and gorgeous mountains. On the trip over I started having lung pain with deep breaths which in turn made me short of breath (anxiety over COPD diagnosis?) and got a first hand look at what will be our future hospital. DX was unspecified pneumonia and was put on antibiotics...yeehawwww is this my future?

on the plus side, 2 weeks without those butt/lips...occasional pangs of cravings but then I just remember “those damn things gave me COPD” I hope whomever reads this stops smoking before they have to add that to their reasons to quit. Blessings to all...stay strong