Little liars...get out of my head!!!

Blog Post created by Roj on Oct 8, 2019

Day 6 peeps, not gonna stick that nasty butt in my mouth today or any other day. They don’t have power over me, my COPD diagnosis does now...guess I should be thankful for that in some weird way. I still miss them after eating and when I first wake up...guess that takes awhile to go away.....smoking to relax me, to make my meals complete, to make my coffee taste better, to just be my friend....FRICKEN LITTLE LIARS!!!! Really they just gave me anxiety because I had to go outside in ALL temps to smoke because my husband didn’t smoke, When I travelled I had to worry about layovers and how hard it would be to go so many hours without smoking, then I heard Disney isn’t allowing smoking in their parks AT ALL grandkids aren’t even here yet but when they come how can I take them to Disney when I can’t smoke? Today’s facts...those little liars put blebs on my lungs and have done enough damage that I’m short of breath just climbing stairs and any exertion that shouldn’t be a problem for someone my age...test says my lung age is 84? How the heck did that happen? Well for all of you out there that are still putting those nasty little butts in your lips...they lie, lie, lie....jump on the non smoker wagon, I love it here and the support is the best