I did it!!! And they all survived  

Blog Post created by Roj on Oct 6, 2019

Yesterday I was out and about with the husband. Went to some estate sales and out to lunch. Really my first outing since I stopped smoking because I felt like I had the flu before.... ANYWAYS...I swear everyone in the entire area was smoking....I must admit it smelled good but watching them put it to their lips, and yes I watched like a stalker,  actually made me feel bad for them...then came a little family drama via phone call while we were having lunch, cried a bit but got over it....and last but not least went to Walgreens for my flu shot and it took 45 minutes of waiting while others were put before us (yup that about pushed me over the edge)....and yet everyone survived...including me I’m looking up emphysema and my head is swimming, any pros out there have reading suggestions? After my cat scan My pcp did the spirometer test, said yes you have moderate emphysema (copd?) use the inhaler you have from your last bout of bronchitis and if symptoms get worse come back in.....I was in too much shock to form a sentence as she walked out but now I have questions...should I request to see a pulmonologist? Thanks all and blessings