Ride em cowboy

Blog Post created by Roj on Oct 5, 2019

Well i woke up this morning with my worst craving yet...pretty sure I was smoking in a dream I was having. After letting out the pooches I grabbed my coffee and iPad and came straight here. Oh yeah, I also shoved a plastic straw in my mouth to chew on (my saving grace) . Don’t you find when you need something the most God provides? Felt like one of the responses on here was written with me in mind. So here I am riding out that disgusting cigarette craving that has stolen so much from me already...back to calm reality....I got this!!!! One second, one hour, one craving at a time...we all do and thank you so much for your time to review Allen Carr’s book 3 I think quit the morning of oct 2nd....who cares I quit period right...