Moved quit date to tomorrow due to COPD diagnosis

Blog Post created by Roj on Oct 1, 2019

Well the reality came today, PCP confirmed I have emphysema and after the breathing test determined my number is 72 making me in the moderate COPD range and with a lung age of 84...WOW!!!! Was furious at myself when I left, then felt a panic attack coming on, followed by a denial trip to the grocery store...and finally a good cry in my husbands arms. What in the hell have I done? But I enjoyed them, they have been a crutch for 40+ years and now they will kill me if I continue? This can’t possibly be true...yet there it is in black and quit date wasn’t until October 17th but I have moved it up till tomorrow. I have read and read and purchased some deterrents and I’m ready...I have a plan in place...I will have my morning coffee with my pups and smoke my last killer stick...put on the only patch I plan to use....then I will pray like no other, can you all please pray too?..I know I should have thrown them out when I walked out of the Dr.s office...but I am a planner so needed a you like that excuse? I thought it was a good one anyhow thanks for listening, thanks for praying and thanks to God for putting this ct in my life before things got worse..I really want to be alive and able to breath when my grandkids come in a few years