Blog Post created by Roj on Sep 29, 2019

Still have a couple of weeks until my quit date, I can tell the mornings will be my toughest...always have coffee and cigarettes outside with my dogs, enjoying the sunrise and my conversations with God. I need ideas please for what I know will be my hardest change. Also tried counting cigarettes yesterday and of course added a couple at the end of the night so that technique will not be happening. I go Tuesday to find out the deal on my emphysema diagnosis so hoping that will reinforce my NEED to quit. Don’t get me wrong, I want to quit but I’m one of those people that enjoy smoking...not the smell afterwards and sometimes not particularly the taste but the act of it and what I perceive as the relaxation aspect. Thinking I may need to write emphysema across my forehead to remind me of my reasons...thanks for listening and being here to help.