Hate to feel this way.....

Blog Post created by Rise_and_Grind on Sep 8, 2017

I dont honestly know what is going on with my body. My family has a lot of mental issues down our line but I generally havent suffered from any of them. My sister has gotten the brunt of it all. She has told me it all started for her in her 20s and unfortunately I spent most of my 20s on drugs and being stupid. Now that I have cleaned up my life here in the past few years Ive had little bouts with what I assume to be anxiety. This year these bouts have intensified and happened more frequently I dont know if its because I am paying more attention to them because of my family history. If its a declining health issue. Or if its really anxiety at all I feel like I need to take a deeper breath and so I go to breathe in deeply and its like my lungs wont take in more oxygen like they have reached capacity. Then ill get a twinge feeling in my chest and panic thinking I havent gotten a deep enough breath. It generally only happens when I pay attention to it. I have an appt on the 13th with my doctor and Im just hoping they dont put it all on anxiety because I dont want to take a pill every day for the rest of my life over something that is just in my head. Ive never been sick really in my life but I got bronchitis back in July of this year and ever since then I have been hyper sensitive to my breathing. I dont know I guess Im just frustrated with it because Im trying to improve my quality of life and health and this issue has me up in the air.