My dog is the best!

Blog Post created by RevTerrie on Jul 29, 2019

My quit date is still August 12th. I'm hoping to quit before that, but that is my official date. Saturday was an extremely stressful day for me and I thought I would have smoked so much, but I kept taking my dog and walking around outside to keep myself from smoking. My dog is one of my biggest supporters because she really helps. I know now that I will be an ex smoker. I'm smoking less than the four cigarettes a day, even though it's hard some days, and I've been trying to do something with Zonie (my dog) whenever I feel like smoking. She loves doing more things with Mommy so she's become a super supporter. When she sees me go to the kitchen where I smoke she starts to get my attention and wants me to go to the door with her to go outside. She's either even more smart than I thought or she's getting trained to go for a walk when I go to pick up a cigarette. Either way, she's helping me a lot!