Pets Can be Addicted too

Blog Post created by Ralph1955 on Jul 30, 2018

I had a wonderful dog, a Pomeranian, named Mabel.  While I never smoked in my home Mabel too was addicted to nicotine.  At first I didn't realize it but any time someone lit a cigarette Mabel was right there sniffing at the air.  The day I realized that she was hooked too I made sure she was not around anyone who smoked but unfortunately she was already hooked.  Mabel would actually search for cigs especially when I would take her for a walk; if there was a cigarette on the ground she found it and would pick it up and suck on it.  When all smoking stopped around her I think she had withdrawals but eventually they subsided.

  So, not only is second hand smoke something to be concerned about around other people, it's a concern around pets too.

 This was Mabel; my Heart.