Hello Fellow EXers

Blog Post created by Rallyqueen917 on Apr 6, 2020

Hello and How are you?  It’s been a little while since I last checked it. What is happening right now is some crazy stuff.  I hope everyone is staying safe and not giving into fear.  I hope we are all continuing on our quit journey or even starting a quit journey.  These are times I always thought I would need a cigarette to cope. Now I realize that was the nicotine talking. 

I had an epiphany and not sure if I posted about it or not but here it is.  Nicotine addiction is just fear..fear that you can’t go to a concert without a cigarette, fear that you need that cigarette after dinner, fear that you are stressed and you can’t get by without a cigarette, fear of how hard it is to quit.   Nicotine addiction wants you to live in that fear capsule.  In reality, the thing I realized is that there was nothing to be fearful about by putting down the smokes.  I don’t need to smoke to do anything.  Smoking doesn’t help me do anything, it doesn’t give me courage. It definitely doesn’t make me look or smell better and it certainly won’t help me live longer. 

Once I realized that the addiction was just fear then my fear and addiction lessened.  I feel free. I know it’s not easy in the beginning because your mind has been turned by nicotine. I remember being really hard to live with during that period. Anything worth having is worth fighting for so do not give in.  I promise you things will and do get better.  


You have taken the first step, continue to use your tools. Coming here was one of the biggest tools. Taking a pledge, sharing a blog on how I was feeling, (good or bad) the support was great. Once you get over a hurdle remember how good that feels.  It will help you for the next hurdle. 

Most of all remember that quitting is temporary, quit is permanent.