Being Tested

Blog Post created by Rallyqueen917 on Dec 18, 2019

Hello everyone..have a lot on my plate right now with work, family and just plain stress as I’m sure we all do.  My biggest concern, slipping. It’s been over 18 months on Sunday since I quit cigarettes and 2 1/2 months since quitting vaping.  My cousin came to live with us for a few months starting yesterday and she is a smoker. She is being respectful. But knowing that there are cigarettes in the house is distracting.  I feel like I have a angel and a devil whispering to me.  I have been reading the blogs and insights here and I find it very calming.  Is there anything else any one would share to get through this?  A mantra or suggestion. I really do not want to smoke again and I honestly do not think that I will but in the same vein I don’t want to continually be thinking about smoking.  I am thinking the first few days maybe a week will be the worst and so far has been.  I love that this forum is here to share feelings and get things off my mind. Not sure what I would do without a place to go and read about similar issues, triumphs and disappointments. It helps me to know that I am not in my struggle alone and I know I will get through this.