Blog Post created by Rallyqueen917 on Oct 30, 2019

There are things I have done this past week that I haven’t done since stopping smoking and vaping and those darn cravings keep popping up.  Yesterday I flew to Alabama to spend a week at the beach in Fort Morgan on the Gulf of Mexico.  We vacation there quite a bit.  Anyway as was my habit I would smoke or vape before going into the airport or find a smoking area in the airport. The thought crossed my mind briefly and just as quickly went away.  I even walked by a smoking room that I would frequent. Looked in and felt proud that I was not going there anymore.  I wanted to share that there will always be places, or things that happen that bring on a craving but if you give yourself time those go away as fast as they come. The biggest part is realizing that and not giving into temptation in the moment.