Day 47     

Blog Post created by Rachy2283 on Feb 22, 2021

47 days in and I really feel like a nonsmoker!! I've had a few pretty nasty craves even one where I smelled smoke but there was none.  Wierd.  But as you well know I use my tool bag, say my mantras and REMIND myself I don't want to be hooked up to oxygen not able to breathe someday.  I have to quit while I am not there yet!! It's too high of a cost to pay!! I want to see my kids grow up and be able to run again if I so choose like the track star I used to be.  Play basketball with my sons and daughters and school them on the court. Definitely will take some conditioning but ai feel like these things are possible with work now.  Thanks for all the support and prayers on this journey.  Hubs is not doing well so continued prayers are appreciated.  Smoking put him where he is.  It's a nasty awful thing and it should t happen to anyone.  For Gods sakes PUT THE CIGARETTES DOWN. Not being able to breathe is torture. If you haven't quit just do it!! You can do it. It IS possible to be FREE from DEATHSTIX.  The tools are here... Use them and break free for LIFE!! CHOOSE LIFE!!