Day 8 

Blog Post created by Rachy2283 on Jan 13, 2021


Worst day ever yesterday.  Hubs has a tumor taking up his whole lung on right side.  No fluid drawn because it was a tumor!!! Did I mention his whole lung is full of a tumor.  In 4 months it has taken over.  Also some major organs. This is my best friend and my .  Tons of tears from kiddos and family.  I will tell our story one day soon I hope.  Maybe sooner than later.  My 1st reaction after the news was get a pack.  You will feel better.  Anyone would understand. Then I looked in the mirror with my swollen bloodshot eyes and said...no because you're a non smoker now.  I laughed a little took a deep breath, drank some water, and  I didn't smoke by the Grace of God! I know the Lord is in this quit with me.  To have found this place and actually be able to overcome!! Even in a grave situation and high stress!! that's because of God,education, planning, preparing for triggers, and putting into action the tools we have been given!! It works.   If I can do it... You can do it, and we can all do it. . QuitStrong. N. O. P. E.

NotOnePuffEVER!! No reason is a good reason.  Hang in there.  This 2 shall pass

-8 days