Day 5     

Blog Post created by Rachy2283 on Jan 10, 2021

Well I can't believe this day!! Wonderful at church this morning.  Me and the kiddos went and got to sing and play a little.  One of my favorite things to do is sing to our Lord and about Him!! It was so nice to not be watching the clock...waiting to get out to smoke.  I didn't even think of it!! Only 3 pieces of gum today but lots of drinks ( water and juice)and deep breaths.  It was a very successful day.  I really am thankful for an easier day today.  It has been rough all week so a break was nice. We will see what tomorrow holds.  Reminding yourself you are a nonsmoker has really helped me a TON.  I started doing stretches because I am a nonsmoker, drinking water, and chewing gum because I am a non smoker and these are non smoker things  . It sounds so funny but this is one thing that has really helped me in this journey.  All the advice here has really helped me to challenge my old ways and step up to becoming a non smoker!! Thank you all so much for your input, kind encouragement, prayers and thoughts, as well as fighting for freedom each and everyday.  Some of your quits are absolutely incredible!!  One day at a time we will get there!! Thanks again