Day 25

Blog Post created by RachelN on Aug 24, 2018

Day 25


My cough is gone but I'm clearing my throat a lot.

The nicotine stains on my fingers are gone.

I can take in a much deeper breath.

My hair, clothes and especially my pillow case smell wonderful.

My head has cleared.  The foggy feeling has lifted.

I don't feel like strangling my friends and family, lol.

I've gained ten pounds, I'm now addicted to sugar.

I've saved over $150.00

I'm still struggling with sleep.  I can't sleep and I'm tired all the time.


I'm still mad and sad I quit smoking but I realize I'm mad/sad about the changes in my daily life, not about the loss of nicotine.  I need to move on, I will but I can't quite let go of the morning of my old daily life.  I'll get there!  One day at a time.  I've given myself permission to eat, cry and mope until day 30.  On Tuesday, my day 30,  I start a class at the YMCA.  Day 30 I  will start working on all of me not just getting through daily life without cigarettes.