Greetings from Florida

Blog Post created by RachelMB on Feb 14, 2017

Good evening Ex-family-


I just wanted to say hello from Florida!  I'm having a wonderful time with my parents.  For the last few years I have come down here to get out of the cold weather for a few weeks.  I am fortunate in that I work totally from home and can work from here too.  I was nervous coming down because this is my first trip here without smoking.  I didn't tell my parents that I had quit and wanted it to be a surprise.  My mother picked up on it immediately and cried when I told her that I no longer smoked!   My father was just as supportive! 


I have been very busy the last few days.  My parents are in their late sixties but you would never know it.  They are always out doing something and are involved in lots of activities in their neighborhood.  My father and I did a Pilates class this morning and tomorrow I'm going to spinning class for the first time.  


Thank you all for your daily support.  I love coming to the café every morning and "seeing" everyone.  You guys are such a big part of my life and I truly think of you as family.   I can't wait for Ex-5 and to finally meet some of you. 


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's day-