Going to Florida

Blog Post created by RachelMB on Feb 6, 2017

Hi all-

I'm leaving this Friday for Florida to visit my parents for a few weeks.  I always go around this time of year to get out of the cold, nasty winter.  I'm feeling a bit anxious about the trip because my parents do not know that I quit smoking!  I didn't tell them at first for fear of letting them down so early on in my quit.  Now I have 110 days (115 when I get to Florida) and know for sure I am never repeating Day 1 again.  I have always smoked in Florida so this will be a new environment that will now be smoke-free.   I was often outside soaking up the sun, smoking, missing time with my parents, and smelling like an ashtray.  I know that I can and will continue my quit there too.  My parents have never smoked and are not around anyone that does.  They will be beyond happy to hear of my successful quit.  I'm sure they will notice quite quickly without me saying anything or they will get tipped off by me not going outside.  Perhaps I'm just reading more into it than need be.  Maybe it's just the change of scenery that has me a bit nervous.  I do know that I wouldn't have made it this far without the support of my Ex-family!  Big thanks to all of you!  xoxoxo