Day gr8

Blog Post created by RIPMintJuul on Nov 30, 2019

It feels very good to be sitting on a full week of quit.


When I started this process 3 weeks ago, I expected it to be hard and terrible and unfulfilling. Pre-planning and date-setting and kit-building, while I was still teetering on the edge of this commitment, I thought quitting nicotine meant only Giving Something Up.


This week has not been easy. There have still been times when it did, in fact, feel like a loss. But I've also learned a lot about myself -- about stress and negative feelings (and how I deal with both); I've learned that I'm stronger and more capable of achieving my goals than I thought; I've found new things that help me relax, and rediscovered things I used to enjoy.


On top of that, I'm tracking how much money I've saved on those stupid vape cartridges since quitting.  The current figure is $65.08. One week and I've already reclaimed that much money!


I got an Ex Text earlier about week two: "Heck Week." I am very much looking forward to a rollercoaster with fewer loops over the next 7 days, but won't let my guard down. I've got another $65 riding on it and those jigsaw puzzles aren't going to do themselves!