Building my Quit Kit

Blog Post created by RIPMintJuul on Nov 13, 2019

Today I'm feeling less anxious about my upcoming quit. Connecting with my main support people (my partner and my favorite coworker) has helped solidify my goals and plan. I had a good chat about building my quit kit (below) with my coworker, and she was really excited for me -- she said that I am tackling this the way I would a big project and setting myself up for success (which I knew, but it's nice to have the encouragement!). I'm really grateful that I'll have someone rooting for me at home and at work.


I bought a cute retro Caboodles case to store my quitting supplies -- here's what I'm putting in it:

• Silly Putty

• Licorice tea bags

• Tension Soother tincture

• Cinnamon sticks

• Tea tree oil toothpicks

• Spearmint gum

• A word search book

• Aromatherapy inhaler

• EMERGENCY-ONLY nicotine lozenges, labeled as such

Other quit kit items that would be weird to store in a plastic makeup case:

• Crunchy veggies (carrots, cucumbers)

• Ranch dressing

• Hummus

• Diet Coke

• Seltzer

• Almonds

• Phone games (I love Wordscapes!)

• My support system

• The rewards I'm planning for quit milestones!


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