Sticky ooey gooey

Blog Post created by Queenboarhog1 on Jan 21, 2021

It's sticks deep down into my lungs as long as I I smoke I can keep sticky gooey gooey at Bay

So I thought

No sticky gooey gooey is down deep inside my lungs slowly drowning me as I walk down the street. huffing and puffing I have to stop and catch my breath as it Slips Away due to sticky ooey gooey.

I'm coughing up sticky ooey gooey spitting

in a napkin(Boy that's Sexy) as i look at sticky ooey gooey and wait what is this?

Air bubbles?? Why that's the air that was supposed to be mine but sticky ooey gooey stoled from me.


How long will sticky ooey gooey last??not too long i hope

I dont look Sexy spitting into that Napkin