Redman: Inspire Me

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on Oct 4, 2019

I was inspired by MaryRobin with her "living mantra" and her ripple effect yesterday. The positive ripple effect lead me to the understanding:

What doesn't kill your quit, makes it stronger!

This is what happens each time one successfully overcomes a trigger or urge! 


Though a mild misunderstanding, Amlatt helped define:

It is not love, it is lust!

Amlatt may still not (or ever) agree, but she inspired the thought. It is in reference to the relationship many of us had with nicotine. 


Discussion with Giulia led to the development of the blog The only thing smoking (vaping) is good for, which is meeting the great people on Ex that we wouldn't have otherwise met!


In response to a blog, sweetplt stated attitude is important. A community can inspire the right attitude

It Takes a Community to Raise a Quitter!

The Ex inspired that attitude and comes with an espiritu de corpe!


These are inspiring and motivating. This is the stuff that keeps me going, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thrives on it. 


For this blog, I don't want to say anymore, I want to ask all of you, elder or newb, quit or attempting quit, to

Inspire Me