Redman Manitou Incline

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on Aug 27, 2019

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So, this thing happened today. I'm on a business trip in Colorado springs; I was stationed at Fort Carson 15 years ago. I had some extra time today and was thinking about what to do; I did this hike(Manitou Incline Hiking Trail - Visit Colorado Springs)  back when I was stationed here. I just decided to go do it and boy, was I glad I quit smoking! The abbreviated so what, 2,768 stairs (but who is counting), over 1 mile that climbs 2,000 feet! Maybe not a huge deal, but I came from Illinois, probably about 500 feet above sea level, and the start is at approximately 6,400 feet above sea level, ending at about 8,400 feet! That altitude is significant on oxygen, especially if you aren't used to it. It was difficult enough without having cloudy lungs! Hopefully more excursions like this to follow.