Quick update

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on Jul 15, 2019

I'm still chugging away strong, no relapses and the urges are far, few, and easy to get over.


I had my first big test over the weekend, essentially a bbq. I openly communicated with my wife about my concerns with drinking at the party (I don't often drink, but this is an occasion I normally have a couple). She notified the host that i may not drink because I'm quitting (we were going to come late, so he stated I would have some catching up to do). She communicated this to the host and he started if he seen a cigarette in my hand, he would stomp on my foot (while he is short, he is very heavy and doing so would not feel good). He laughed when I got there and asked why I had worn flip flops, I stated, "you won't have any reason to step on my foot!" There were several people smoking in close proximity to me, I had a few small urges, but they were easy to get through. 


Being around smoking, I feel I've come to experience the second hand smoke. Sunday, the day after the bbq, I had a serious withdrawal symptom. This was not a psychological effect, but rather, what day 3 and 4 feel like when the nicotine and its byproducts are exhausted out of my system. A drop in blood sugar, shakes, and so forth. It wasn't an urge or a craving because it was not accompanied with any urge to smoke. Perhaps this is one of the reasons quit "doctrine" state to avoid these situations. The joy of quitting was temporarily overridden however, I didn't die.


Perhaps the biggest test of the first year is coming up. I play army every now and again and we are heading to the field for training. This is a time when nicotine happens in all its forms (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and so forth). I've already notified my battle and he will look out for me (he is a non smoker). So I've already set up my support while I'm there. To be on the hook to somebody else as well, I owe it to the group here to abstain from all forms of nicotine. The backup is carrying enough patches with me to get me through the training period if needed. I've gone cold Turkey and will have 14 days without nicotine at beginning of the training exercise, so the patches are more like carrying an umbrella to ensure it doesn't rain. My due out to myself, my family, my battle and the community here is a successful training period without nicotine! 


So you all will have a brief reprieve from me championing my joyful quit! Have a great couple of weeks!