The joy of letting go

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on Jul 8, 2019

I personally love TED talks. I find I watch these videos more often then TV or other electronic entertainment. On my way to quitting, this video, A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer - YouTube , posted in my suggested feed. It seemed intriguing and I gave it a go. How ant engine knows what you need is beyond me, but I needed this video in my life. I had to watch it several times as my mind would wonder on his concepts and ultimately, I would miss an important detail. The video, a quick 10 minutes for some or 40 minutes after rewatching it several times, hits at a paradigm shift in how to think when seeking to change a behavior. It heads helped me and I hope it is able to help others as well. After all, quitting such a bad habit shouldn't be a struggle, you should find joy in letting it go!