To my fellow EX members

Blog Post created by Posamari on May 19, 2017

Although I check out the community several times a week, I don't always log in.  Tonight after reading Pops post on the VA 2017 trip, I was excited for all attending and needed to express it.  I also saw I had several messages in my inbox. Several were congratulating me on my 200 DOF from smoking. THANK YOU!!!! I hadn't realized it had been that many days since I smoked my last cigarette but you all had. That makes me feel good, not going to lie. Thank you so much for caring. I also want to mention my success is due in a large part to the overwhelming support from the members of this community. As we all know, it ain't easy!  Even after 200 days, its still can be a  battle at times , sometimes daily,  with cravings or thoughts of smoking a menthol 100 cigarette. In times of stress or anxiety, its REALLY hard. But I know it would not just be 1 smoke, and you've taught me NOPE.  So true. I've come too far to quit on my quit. Plus I want to reach that 6% club   

 Again, thank you for being here and for being the caring unique individuals you all are.           To those meeting in VA----- have a wonderful time! I'm envious and excited for all of you. Will look forward to photos!!

Who knows, Maybe next year it could be a west coast meeting or Vegas again    I vote for Vegas! ((Purely selfish reasons, my dad lives there so I would have a place to stay and access to transportation PLUS its only a 45 min flight from LA.  Heehee  ))