Wonderful Wednesday

Blog Post created by Pops on Feb 5, 2020


Good morning...almost afternoon....EXersToday is a great day to be smokefree....besides, it's Wednesday, and I never smoke on Wednesday...so I'm pretty sure my quit is in good shape for today.  I walked into my office this morning @ about 7:00, and there was a local "crier" in our office space standing on his soapbox and just spewing out all sorts of contentiousness remarks of just how terrible things are in our workplace and didn't we see for ourselves just how the upper level management was out to get all of us, and that none of us had any stability in our jobs anymore?!!!

It was at that point that I thought to myself, "here I am trying to get settled in so that I can get to work on the days task, and this idiot is doing anything BUT what he is supposed to be doing...."  Yep, I agree there butthead, "your job is in jeopardy for sure".  geez....how does that expression go??? "It's hard to soar like an eagle, when you're working around all of these turkeys..."  Oh well, enough of the negativity.  

I have found a silver lining to the dark cloud.  I have plenty to do in a few other buildings onsite & am taking the opportunity to go out and check on my contractors work progress.  I just don't get it....why can't people understand the concept of "just do what is in front of you & the rest will work itself out?"  

I am so glad to be able to walk outside and not feel the need to stop @ the smoking pole and stand around the entryways and exits of the buildings and advertise to the upper level management just how much of my day is spent not being productive because of a deadly and selfish practice of slow motion suicide....

The weather is actually pretty nice today...Not nice enough for a bike ride, but certainly nice enough for a brisk walk.

I hope all of you can enjoy the rest of your Wednesday "smokefree."

Pops /162 DOF!